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Tagged by Itz-Me-Again
1. If I tagged you or you saw this from me and chose to do it yourself, please tag me so I may read your answers.
2. Answer each question below with your favorite food or drinks that correlate with the question.
3. Tag 5 friends or people you want to know better.

1. Milk or Juice?
Milk. Never really found the appeal of juice.

2. Sausage or bacon?

3. Coffee or tea?
Tea. Gorse in particular. Iroh, are you proud of me?

4. Cake or pie?
I don't mind either way.

5. Soda or Koolaid?
Never tasted either.

6. Pizza or Burgers?
Pizza. Burgers are OK, but pizza just tastes better.

7. Beer or Wine?

8. Surf or Turf?
Turf. I've tasted seafood before, and it's not really my style.

9. Plain water or flavored water?
Plain. Especially from where I'm from.

10. Veggies or meat?
Both. I'm an omnivorous being.

1. What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

2. What's your favourite kind of candy?

3. What's your favourite flavor of ice cream?
Cookies and cream.

4. What's your favourite pizza topping?
Meatlovers with a ton of barbecue sauce.

5. What's your favourite pasta dish?
Spaghetti. Nyeh heh heh!

6. What's your favourite fast food joint?
McDonald's comes to mind first, but honestly I don't have one.

7. What's your favourite flavor/brand of soda?
Never tasted any.

8. What's your favourite movie theater snack?
Popcorn. It's a classic.

9. What's your favourite foreign food/dish?
Extremely hot curry.

10. What's your favourite alcoholic drink?

11. What is your all time favourite food and drink?
I don't really have one. Depends on the day really.

1. What's your least favourite kind of chocolate?
Cherry ripe. I don't get how people can eat that stuff.

2. What's your least favourite kind of candy?
Licorice. *shudders*

3. What's your least favourite flavor of ice cream?
Probably rum and raisin. Either that or lemon sorbet.

4. What's your least favourite pizza topping?
Plain cheese. Isn't that just warm bread?

5. What's your least favourite pasta dish?
I don't mind any pasta. Its filling.

6. What's your least favourite fast food joint?
I'm pretty neutral when it comes to fast food places. I don't like any, but I don't hate any.

7. What's your least favourite flavor/brand of soda?
Never been able to try any.

8. What's your least favourite movie theater snack?
I don't know. I usually bring my own xD

9. What's your least favourite foreign food/dish?
Damn. I have one, but I forgot what it's called. I'll edit it in later.

10. What's your least favourite alcoholic drink?
All. I hate the taste of alcohol.

11. What is your all time least favorite food and drink?
Again, this is subject to circumstance.

And I tag these from the menu:
I'm at a loss for this. Fortunately I have a solution. Comment/ PM me if you want to be tagged, and I'll edit you in.
Merged Zamasu Version 1
I got the idea to draw this while watching a compilation of every time Zamasu says "Ningen".

( A higher definition and version 2 of this will be uploaded simultaneously in a few days time)
UnderTale Art - Asgore's Unused Design Version 2
It's up. Took a while, but it's up. If you haven't seen the first one yet, click
to do that.
Now I see why Toby Fox said it wouldn't fit on the screen.
One Punch Man - Master and Student
Bolder lines and simpler line work was used on Saitama accidentally on purpose. One of the many things this anime does well is cut occasionally from style to style as the mood changes, so I thought I'd attempt to amalgamate the two in a single drawing.
(Once again, a higher quality version is coming as soon as I get access to a scanner, which is probably in about a week)


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Tuoq Koniel
New Zealand
The world's strongest weakling.


Stan-O-WarII has started a donation pool!
10 / 700
I wasn't originally going to make this, but my best friend said I should, and they seem to be doing quite well, so here it is.
Apparently this is how commissions are paid, so if you'd like one, by all means ask away.

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Pixel Art
Regulations are the same as the ones for traditional drawings.
There are a few different kinds you can ask for. They are:

Overworld Sprites - The ones most commonly seen in top down RPGs
Side Sprites - Seen in VS Fighting games like Street fighter
Battle Screen Sprites - Sort of like the one seen above
Logos or symbols - Relatively easy to make

Gifs are the same price as a static image, but an extra 5 points is charged for every additional frame.
Traditional Art
I can't do digital art. The best I can do is traditional with scans. If you're ok with that, there are just a few guidelines you need to know:
>You need to send a reference and the things you want in the drawing.
>Nothing that contains any sexual material. Keep it PG13 at worst.
>Definitely no gore. I'm Ok with red lines to represent bleeding, but nothing beyond that.
>Nothing that violates Deviantart's terms and conditions.


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